Message from the Little Brothers of Jesus, after their General Chapter in Bangalore

To all our friends throughout the world...

You have all been very present...

in our meetings and exchanges, in our celebrations and our prayer; you are the ones whose faces have been in the hearts of each of us, and whose friendship pushes us to live friendship even more.

It is in the city of Bangalore,BangaloreBangalore in India, that our Chapter was held; this is an assembly that takes place every six years in order to look at the life of the Fraternity. There were about thirty brothers here, of twenty different nationalities, representing the fraternities that are present on four continents.

India has one billion two hundred million inhabitants, truly a continent, and we have had the joy of being able to approach it with the richness of its past history, its culture and its highly religious soul.. offering at the opening massoffering at the opening massWhat a welcome we received! Very, very warm! Our eight brothers of India had prepared everything in detail with the Little Sisters and with their friends. They all helped us to appreciate the various facets of this great country: beautiful welcoming ceremonies, visits to temples and historic sites, meetings with representatives of the Church in India and people involved in serving the excluded, and a day of friendship with families, neighbours and friends.

For the fraternities and families of India, having the Chapter happening among them was something important.Visit to MylasandraVisit to Mylasandra For a time they were at the centre of the Fraternity, and they got to know it a little better and felt how its heart beats and towards what it is oriented, and how the brothers are trying to live what we call "the life of Nazareth" in their culture today. We say a big "Thank You" to them.