'Au Coeur des Masses' and new developments

In 1950, Mgr de Provencheres, bishop of Aix-en-Provence, gave official recognition to the Lay Fraternity of Charles de Foucauld (initially called Charles de Foucauld Fraternity). But in fact, many years earlier, in several cities in France, groups of Christians (men and women, single and married, lay people and priests) had begun to meet regularly to help one another follow Jesus and live the Gospel in the spirit of Charles de Foucauld. Today, the Secular Fraternity is present on every continent, and new groups are formed every year. This is the largest group in the family, in terms of numbers.

Within this group, some priests had begun to meet among themselves, with a desire to give their lives and their priestly ministry the evangelical 'flavour' of Charles de Foucauld. In this was a Union of priests was formed, which took the name of Priests Fraternity Jesus Caritas in 1976. Today it is present on every continent.