Noordgesig, Orlando

There are three Little sisters in Noordgesig.

We are situated at the entrance to Soweto. It is a sub-economic area where there is a lot of alcohol and drugs, especially among the youth. As soon as people are a bit better off, they leave our area and go to a better one, though some decide to stay and improve their houses.

Every Thursday we have Mass in our Community. It is usually well attended as people love to come, especially now that our chapel is bigger.

Nadine stays at home and is always busy with neighbours coming and going!

Orlando community gatheringOrlando community gathering

Every Sunday there is Mass in the parish and also twice during the week. Nadine takes communion to those who are housebound and tries to be a link with the parish.

Miriam from Malta has been working for 7years now at "Little People" preschool. She is doing the cooking, the shopping and maintenance and also trying to make some improvements!

It is a Community project,(NGO) with over 100 children between 1-5.

At the 'creche'At the 'creche'

As wages are low the Little sisters also make candles, recycling wax from the parishes around. This income helps to pay the rates and electricity.