Part of our history, Prior Velho No 2

In our neighborhood of shanties where exclusion, and impoverishment are always more prominent, immigrants from Cape Verde and Guinea live as a majority. We are in Europe and it is true that it is unacceptable that such living conditions should still exist. We believe however that for us Little sisters solidarity calls us to remain here and  follow events besides others who live in a place of such social inequalities! We are aging, just like our neighbours anyway and our whole beings are marked by a way of feeling,  suffering and existing together that leaves us exposed. And we always have to make a choice, to take a daily decision to resist in a humble, but creative way, even if it causes us to groan... What do we do to remain standing with our neighbours and friends?

With them, and in many different ways, for 17 years we have actively resisted a complete clearance and rehousing scheme. In fact, for more than a year, the owner of the lot has wanted to get it back. Those of our neighbours who were registered in 1993 have the possibility of buying a house with the financial support of several organizations. But there is open racism and often the way forward is blocked. There are also many who do not have a permanent or declared job and so have to back out. There are so many individual situations which are blocked and we get very tired of fighting and going to meetings to hear repeated promises which have no concrete outcome.

One young woman from the neighbourhood who has just finished her studies as a social worker, organizes a child-care centre (8 children for the time being). This centre wants to be a cry of hope, at the service of LIFE to help these little children until we know what the outcome will be.

Youth from the YCWYouth from the YCW

Here are some ‘hope’ stories:

- It rained. Our neighbours started again to sow vegetables on the embankments of the motorway! Nobody can stop the cycle of life!

- We are witnesses to the deep transformation among the young people belonging to the YCW. Even the  youngest group are asking themselves questions about alcoholism.

- To encourage the people to take back responsibility in  the neighbourhood, a group called ‘Doctors of the World’ give time and training to a group of six Community leaders.

With friends at the marketWith friends at the market

What about us three? Our community LIFE is in the image of our insertion! We start again, move forward with confidence and perseverance but with the need of feeling encouraged and  accompanied too. We are of three different nationalities and with our neighbours from Cape Verde, and Guinea we have enough material to deepen and live the Universality of LIFE!

Recently Maria da Gloria has been working in a cleaning business from 6 am to 9 am. Most of her co-workers are immigrants, like our neighbours. We are happy that she can join them. Their very low school level makes them vulnerable with no opportunity to find another job! The salary for one hour of work is around 2,30 euros... You have to work all day to survive and many come from the outskirts of the city, and have long and costly transport.

Recently a neighbour was baptisedRecently a neighbour was baptised
Hair platting can save money!Hair platting can save money!

Breaking news!

The Little sisters want to share with you the wonderful news of moving into their new flat at la Quinta da Fonte, Apeacao... life flows in abundance!