Charles de Foucauld

Charles de Foucauld in 1904-1905

Charles with LyauteyCharles with Lyautey

Talk given during a weekend retreat in Walsingham in October 2010.  read more »

From Pope Benedict, on the occasion of the Beatification of Brother Charles, November 13th 2005

Pope BenedictPope Benedict

'Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Let us give thanks for the witness borne by Charles de Foucauld. In his contemplative and hidden life in Nazareth, he discovered the truth about the humanity of Jesus and invites us to contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation; in this place he learned much about the Lord, whom he wanted to follow with humility and poverty.

He discovered that Jesus, who came to join us in our humanity, invites us to universal brotherhood, which he subsequently lived in the Sahara, and to love, of which Christ gave us the example.'  read more »

6. Little sisters 'of no importance at all'

Japan Wakkanai factory workJapan Wakkanai factory work

In 1944, we introduced ourselves officially in front of Pius XII as 'Little Sisters of no importance at all.' and our Community as a working Congregation belonging to the social class of poor people and of ordinary manual workers.  read more »

5. Call to the lowest place

Prior Velho, PortugalPrior Velho, Portugal

Are you really aware that to be a true follower of Brother Charles of Jesus, you must be a living witness of his thought and of his desire to be totally poor, humble and lowly? Like Brother Charles of Jesus, you will have to live as the poor do and among the poor, in line with the Gospel.  read more »

4. Seeking the will of their Beloved Brother Jesus

Rome, Via AppiaRome, Via Appia

Brother charles wrote: 'The more we are united to the Church, the more we are united to the Holy Spirit who animates her - the more we will love him whose Body she is, our beloved Lord Jesus. 'It is in this spirit that the Little sisters will seek God's will for their lives.  read more »

3. Love for the people of Islam

Working in a hospital in AlgiersWorking in a hospital in Algiers

On account of Brother Charles who lived and died among the Moslem people of North Africa, the Little sisters will have a special concecration to their brothers and sisters of Islam.  read more »

2. Cry the Gospel with your life


Following Brother Charles of Jesus, 'the Universal Little Brother', the Little sisters will be ready to go to the ends of the world to 'Cry the Gospel not through words but through the whole of their lives.  read more »

1. Because of Brother Charles of Jesus

Little sister Magdeleine presents her Green booklet refering to Brother Charles: 'He alone is our founder, I am only trying to understand his thought and pass it on to you, looking more at the lessons of his life and of his death than at his rule. Brother Charles of Jesus cannot be confined or limited by a rule that he never actually lived himself, alone or with others.'  read more »

The Green Booklet

1946 Aix en Provence1946 Aix en Provence

Little sister Magdeleine wrote the Green booklet in September 1945.  read more »

Vasad, Brother Charles's chapel

Vasad chapel of Br CharlesVasad chapel of Br Charles

The influence of Brother Charles has spread to Vasad.  read more »