Little Sister Magdeleine

The Green booklet begins...

Little sister Magdeleine presents her Green booklet refering to Brother Charles: 'He alone is our founder, I am only trying to understand his thought and pass it on to you, looking more at the lessons of his life and of his death than at his rule. Brother Charles of Jesus cannot be confined or limited by a rule that he never actually lived himself, alone or with others.'  read more »

Writing the Constitutions

1957 Alltotting1957 Alltotting

Little sister Magdeleine wrote the first edition of the Constitutions during her noviciate with the White Sisters at St Charles, Birmandreis in 1939 at the request of the Apostolic Prefect of the Sahara, Bishop Nouet.  read more »

Unity in Love, at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus

India BangaloreIndia Bangalore

From the final chapter of the 'Green Booklet'

The rule of life of the Little Sisters of Jesus, the rule which is at the heart of their vocation, is the pursuit of Unity as willed by Christ, who died to gather together the scattered children of God&. Jn 11:52  read more »

7. The long awaited meeting

1989 11 10 Tre Fontane1989 11 10 Tre Fontane

Trusting each other, we have been able to walk ahead.  read more »

4. He does it all. I follow

1956 On the road to Eastern Europe1956 On the road to Eastern Europe

Little sister Magdeleine had always consulted Bishop de Provencheres when important decisions had to be made. Despite the fact that he knew only too well all the weaknesses and shortcomings of the little sisters he always encouraged them on.  read more »

3. Broadening the horizons

1953  Alaska Nome1953 Alaska Nome

A turning point...

The Community of the Little Sisters of Jesus had been founded exclusively as a presence to the Muslim world and this was very dear to little sister Magdeleine. But on July 26, 1946 she was suddenly seized by a new idea:  read more »