From Pope John Paul II on a visit to Tre Fontane 1985

On 22 December 1985 visited Tre Fontane as Pope, to the great joy of everyone and he spoke to the little sisters:

'Tre fontane, visit of John Paul 11Tre fontane, visit of John Paul 11I understand more and more that it is right to have, amongst the diversity of vocations in the Church, this vocation which is quite exceptional. It is an apostolate of friendship, which witnesses to the truth, to the reality of God — God who cannot be explained in human words. There is the Word, it is the Word of God, the Son, the reality of whom always and completely transcends our human words.

John Paul with Little sister Magdeleine in her studyJohn Paul with Little sister Magdeleine in her study

So it is a good way to express this reality without words, to express it by keeping silence, in contemplation, in adoration, in love.

With these words I want 'to confirm' your vocation in the Church... and to tell you that it is an authentic vocation, necessary, and for this present age.'