From Pope Paul VI during his visit to Tre Fontane,1973

Paul VI visits Tre fontanePaul VI visits Tre fontane

28 September 1973

I have come to learn about the magnetic power of poverty which constitutes the secret of your congregation.

And then there is that great friendship that springs up among you straightaway and that buoys you up, and also the joy that it seems to me breathes in your community life as a family and in your relations with your friends, a joy to be found within your homes and in your contacts with the outside.

There is also the great secret I detect in your hearts, that is, your silent love for Jesus. I know that this is your charism, I might call it your specialty.

I have come to give you the recognition of the Church, to tell you that the Church is truly happy about your existence, about your presence, happy for you to be what you are.

Even if you want to occupy the most silent, most invisible place, know that the Church sees you, the official Church, which I serve in my poor person. The Church is fond of you, it loves you and blesses you.

Be happy and be faithful, for your adhesion to Christ living in His Church is truly authentic in our century, in our times and in our society, because of the witness you bear.