Prayer to obtain a favour through the intercession of Brother Charles - Father de Foucauld

God Our Father, you called your servant Charles de Foucauld to discover the infinite greatness of your love by contemplating the life of Jesus of Nazareth, your Son, who became flesh, who humbled himself to the point of death, who was raised to life, and who sent the Holy Spirit as his first gift to those who believe.

May we find, as we lovingly read the Gospel, and as we adore the Eucharist, a fountain of inexhaustible life in Christ, and a missionary courage and energy which will bind us in a spirit of universal fraternity. Thus we can work together to bring about your plan for the salvation of all people. We ask you in particular to grant, by the intercession of your servant Charles de Foucauld, if this is in conformity with your will, this grace.... for... whom we commend to your fatherly heart.

We ask you this through Jesus, your beloved Son, Our Lord.

The last photo of Brother CharlesThe last photo of Brother Charles Imprimatur: Viviers, I May 1995 + Jean BONFILS s.m.a. Bishop of Viviers

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