Quotes by Little Sister Magdeleine

Hope and joy

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‘May a flood of hope and joy wash away all of our heaviness and sadness during the time of Christmas just as the waters of a wadi carry away everything in its course leaving the land rich and fertile.’

Lettres, Vol 4, p444-445

Hope and love

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"We must place ourselves firmly in an attitude of hope and love as we look towards the future. The Lord is always there. He is present in the darkest tunnels we pass through. The rainbow in the sky is all the more beautiful  and the light more brilliant when the storm is fiercest and the tunnel darkest."

Lettres, Vol 3 p249

Christmas all the year round

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‘The feast of Christmas has been chosen as the special feast for our Community world wide. In your hearts make it a feast for the whole year round! May it stamp your soul with that joy and hope that shines brightly from the little star that lit the night of Christmas.’

Lettres, vol 3, p373

Their doors will always be open

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Their doors will always be open so that their communities will be a meeting ground for lay and religious who will find there deeper understanding and greater love.

All have a right to your love

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Did the Lord Jesus choose? Did he not offer his arms wide open to the nails of the cross so that no one might be excluded from his love, be that person the most selfish and most ungrateful of human beings or the hardest and most unjust of employers. The Lord Jesus suffered and died for all. In the name of his love, all, without exception, have a right to your love.