Parallel Texts from Pope Francis and Brother Charles-A new pattern of life.[

Pope Francis:

“Therefore, we read the Scriptures because they “read us”. And it is a grace to be able to recognize oneself in this passage or that character, in this or that situation. The Bible was not written for a generic humanity, but for us, for me, for you, for men and women in flesh and blood, men and women who have a name and a surname, like me, like you. And the Word of God, infused with the Holy Spirit, when it is received with an open heart, does not leave things as they were before: never. Something changes. And this is the grace and the strength of the Word of God.”

Icon of St John at the last supperIcon of St John at the last supper

Brother Charles:

"It is impossible for me to understand how people can love and not seek to be like the beloved, not want to share all his sorrows not desire ardently to pattern their life on his."