How can we nourish hope?

Our communities are often situated in inner–city slum neighbourhoods. How can we nourish hope and give support to each other when confronted each day with the violence around us?  read more »

The eucharist cannot be separated from the whole church community

The Eucharist cannot be separated from the Church community. Through our participation in the Eucharistic we are in communion with the whole Church, the Body of Christ.  read more »

God, ‘the Hidden One’

God, ‘the Hidden One’ in the Eucharist, is close to us in all we live. We want to bear witness to this Presence. ‘The kingdom of God is very near, it is in our midst.  read more »

Community and Trinity

Through living in community we search to make visible the Mystery of God who is Trinity.  read more »

The beauty of community

Believing in the beauty of community.‘Making community life a priority, respecting the rhythm of different age groups.  read more »

Cultivate the human virtues

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Being a good Christian is more important than being a nun. We must cultivate the human virtues of hospitality and love to the highest possible decree and then add to them the virtues of the religious life.
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My prayer has always been

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My prayer has always been, Lord, send me any number of trials and any amount of suffering, but allow me to be always in perfect harmony with your Church.
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It is love that should recollect you in me

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It is love that should recollect you in me interiorly and not being far from my children. See me in them, like me at Nazareth live close to them, lost in God.
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Always see Jesus in every person

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Above all, always see Jesus in every person, and consequently treat each one not only as an equal and as a brother or sister, but also with great humility, respect and selfless generosity.
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