Rusti Krstur

A visitor when leaving the Little sister’s house lately, exclaimed : ‘It is Paradise, here!’  On hearing this remark Little sister Martine wondered what this person really meant and asked herself throughout the day what did Paradise mean in her everyday life?

Ruski Krstur hermitageRuski Krstur hermitage

Was it her participation in the Eucharist, preceded by praying the psalms with the Community or the silent adoration of Jesus in the blessed Sacrament, attentive to listen to the desires of his heart? Yes, these times were certainly the highlights of each day.

Was it also the daily visit of our neighbour who has nobody in the world but the Little sisters and comes every day for our love and tenderness and a good cup of coffee and a chat?

Was it admiring the ‘Icons’ of God in the faces of the elderly at the home where I work, recognizing their beauty and dignity?

Then again was it meeting my work companion coming home in the early hours of the morning after a long extra shift, always ready to do extra hours without complaining because her husband has multiple scleroses and her salary keeps the family?

Yes, this is already a reflection of Paradise but we are not there yet only on the way. As we continue the journey we draw strength to love because we know that 'the Kingdom of God is already among us.'