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News from the Chapter of the |Little Brothers- second week

Second week 21-27 of march
Dear Brothers,
This has been a crucial and hectic week.

1) We had to debate on themes of importance for the future of the Fraternity


After a lot of sharing and discernment, we selected three themes which need our attention:

1- Unity in Diversity
2- Structures
3- The spirituality of fragility.  read more »

Message fom the Chapter of the Litle Brothers of Jesus 2022

05/05/2022 - 17:54

Message from Chapter April 2022

chapter of the little brothers 22chapter of the little brothers 22

We met in Chapter in Avila, the land of Saint Teresa of Jesus, and you were very present in our exchanges and prayers, being united to you in our thoughts. The personality and life of Teresa of Avila could not fail to mark our meetings and challenge us throughout our Chapter: "Nada te turbe! Solo Dios basta! 1  read more »

1916-2016 Charles de Foucauld, Centenary of his death

A message for today
Collection of texts assembled by the Little Brothers of the Gospel and Little Brothers of Jesus for the 100th anniversary of the death of Brother Charles in 2016.

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My itinerary in the Fraternity

"The wise man lives because he knows the secret and deep meaning of life, he allows himself to be lovingly moulded by daily life, adapting himself to the present with humility and gratitude" (Wisdom of Gabi-Mongolia).  read more »

Immersed into one's own life as well as into the life of God

The Fraternity in Argentina (at San Justo) is more than 40 years old. The fraternity of Uribelarrea is much more recent. It was founded around ten years ago, about 100 km from Buenos Aires in an area that is in the midst of the pampas. And in connection with this fraternity, the noviciate of Zapiola has been opened.  read more »

At the heart of the Church, Nazareth!

We are called, together, to let the Nazarene face of the Church show through.  read more »