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From Jesus Caritas Trial edition 1958. An Apostolate of Friendship

Jesus Caritas October 1958Jesus Caritas October 1958

A talk delivered extempore at Sao Paulo, Brazil, by the Prior of the Little Brothers of Jesus.  read more »

The Prayer of the Poor

Flaubert at work; (Cameroon)Flaubert at work; (Cameroon)

Brother Rene Voillaume writes: Each time I find myself either at the Holy Sepulchre or here in the Garden of Olives, I feel obsessed by the mission of prayer which is that of our fraternities, its importance for each Little Brother and Sister.

In my letter from Mar-Elias I have already commented on how our prayer, must be the prayer of the poor, of those who strain and suffer. Yet, I cannot refrain from returning to the subject: I have something more to say to you tonight.  read more »

The Secret Work of Love

El AbiodhEl Abiodh

Notes from a three-week retreat preached in the desert by Brother Rene Voillaume, near the well of Benoud, in March, 1936.  read more »

Our dearest desires and pleas for Poverty

1944 Rome1944 Rome

In 1944 on a memorial visit to Rome, Little sister Magdeleine presented the Congregation to Pius XII as Little Sisters 'of no importance at all.'

This document called 'Our dearest desires' was handed to the Pope on the 19th December after Little sister Magdeleine had read it out to him at her first audience.  read more »

25. With Mary your mother

'Always be a little child with your heavenly Mother.'  read more »

22. Look at the whole of Christ's life

To begin to understand the whole life of Christ we need to have the eyes and heart of a child  read more »

21. Look at the crib

Magdeleine invites us to take a longer look at the crib..  read more »

20. Childlike in Heart

Tre fontane Grotto chapelTre fontane Grotto chapel

Childlike in Heart, you will receive the little infant Jesus of the Manger from the Virgin Mary his Mother

This will be the crowning point.  read more »