Tin-Shui-Wai, our Community in Hong Kong

February 2011

Jan 2006 Together for unity weekJan 2006 Together for unity week

We live in two adjoining flats lent to us by the diocese on the first landing of a tower block of 35 storeys. Each flat has three small rooms and a larger one. One of these is now our living room and the other the chapel.

We come from four different countries, China, Italy, France and Vietnam.

Madalena-Lien and Maria-Y spend a lot of time with the neighbours, especially with the elderly and sick and those in prison. There is so much hidden suffering in this big city and so much need to try and bring a little bit of hope.

Madelena Lien writes:

For more than 5 years, twice a week, I have visited a few patients, most of the time without any hope of healing, at the government hospital of Tuen Mun, a half hour by train from the fraternity. Two « mysteries » help me to re-read what I live in these encounters. COVENANT: Because with every person I feel bound forever beyond the inevitable passage of death... How many faces dwell in my heart and pfayer!

VISITATION: The encounter of Jesus present in the person who suffers (Christian or not) with Jesus whom I receive each day in the Eucharist. Often, it is me who receives LIFE from those who are going to die... and also from the families around them. I feel my powerlessness so much: a gesture, a smile, a word and something goes through... mystery of the ENCOUNTER.

Maria Y writes:

I am going to tell you about the Vietnamese prisoners whom I visit regularly. There are about 300 of them. The majority go to prison on purpose to be taken care of for cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS and drugs. I meet with them once a week for half an hour or 45 minutes each. In one morning I can visit with three friends. They need someone to listen to them because most of them do not speak Cantonese or English and they are very sensitive. There are also 22 others who have been in jail for life for 23 years. Two of them are already free and two others have completely lost their minds. On the other hand, the 18 others have been able to learn English and Mandarin with a correspondence course, and learn some trades. Thanks to them, I have the opportunity to improve my mother tongue. They are very present to the outside world through television and newspapers. Our friendship grows with time.

Claudia's former job: cleaning in the MetroClaudia's former job: cleaning in the Metro

Agnes-Lai-Fong works two days a week at the diocesan centre for Research on China and she also spends time translating books on the spirituality of Little sister Magdeleine and Brother Charles into Chinese.

Claudia is so pleased to have found a new job packing in a bio-food factory.

Tin-Shui-Wai is a new development and many migrants from mainline China live there. It does not have a very good reputation with many social problems. As with Nazareth one could ask the question: ‘Can any good come from there?’