In Africa

Africa’s gift is a sense of the presence of God in everyday living, giving importance to community and care for one another, especially for the young and the elderly.
In North Africa, as in all predominately Muslim countries, we want above all to be a presence of friendship and deep respect.

‘Friendship is the soul of dialogue’
Bishop Duval

Nairobi,  Novices from EthiopiaNairobi, Novices from Ethiopia
How can we build a society where each person can give their full measure guided by Gospel values?
How can we witness to the fact that we all belong to one family and that it is only together that we can build our future? What part has interiority and the gratuity of a life of prayer and simple friendship to play in the way of development? Has Nazareth a place?
How do we witness in the Church to simplicity and love for all especially the poorest?
Where aparteid has left its mark, how to keep alive the struggle for the true freedom of everyone, and for the whole human person?

"Humbly, you will be a little sister and friend to all you meet, Christian or non Christian, rich or poor, sick or in health, young or old. In the name of God's love, all without exception have a right to your love."
- Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus